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Written by Veronika on 24/07/2014

Our DOTA2 section participated on Lancraft in Uherske Hradiste that took place on 3rd to 6th July 2014. How did they manage at one of the most prestigious events in Czech Republic? Stay tuned!

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Tutorial how register to tournament!

Tutorial how register to tournament!

Written by Tommy on 03/01/2014

  Tutorial on how to use tournament registration system simple Perhaps some of you remember, when we were at the beginning of May and organized the last Vietcong tournament? We really didn't have much success, and it was almost a flop. During that time we made mistakes and have learned from them. We came to the conclusion that the old way of registering teams was archaic and that team registering should be done using our website.

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Vietcong2 Nightcup 1on1

Vietcong2 Nightcup 1on1

Written by Tommy on 31/08/2013

The long-awaited tournament in Vietcong2 is now over, and after all feedback it seems was a great success. However we will need more experienced help to setup any further tournaments in the future, there's still room for improvement. Sixteen (16) players were registered to participate, at the last minute four (4) were replaced by alternatives and that raise participation in the tournament to almost 100%. The start of the tournament, although a bit delayed by about 1 hour compared to the original...

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